School Bus.pngAs a school that attracts families from throughout the county, we are committed to offering transportation to our families.  

The most common routes we have had in the past are Chula Vista, Carmel Valley and La Jolla. Each year routes change as new families take advantage of our service, children graduate Hebrew Day or other arrangements are made. We form routes depending on the number and location of students interested.

To arrange transportation for your child during the 2018-19 school year, families must email their intent no later than August 1, 2018 to Estelle Workman. Please include the names of your children, the area of San Diego in which you live and if you will need round trip transportation or just one way.

**NOTE: We may not have room for every family wanting transportation. You must email Estelle by the date above to reserve your child’s seat.

Although it may vary, we anticipate the prices for this year will be:

Round trip - $2800 per year or $280 per month per child for 10 months

One way - $2000 per year or $200 per month per child for 10 months

Families interested in transportation will need to sign a contract for the full year. Families with siblings should contact Estelle Workman for the cost of each additional child.

In addition to the transportation we provide, we are also happy to suggest a parent or teacher who lives in your area who has room and would arrange to take your children to and/or from school each day or arrange a free carpool for you.  

For more information about transportation to and from Soille San Diego Hebrew Day school, please contact:

Estelle Workman
858-279-3300, ext 101